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Urinal cakes, dog bones and more of this week’s #madREskillz

Other marketing tricks users tweeted include branded coasters, easter egg hunts and a vulgar tagline

Branded urinal cakes. Seriously?

Can’t say that isn’t creative, we suppose.

That marketing idea — which was tweeted by @matthew_holder for this week’s #madREskillz — is the sort of off-the-wall tactic that we’ve gotten some grief for publishing lately. Last week, for example, some readers thought that featuring a sign that boasts, “i’m the only form of love you can buy legally” was in bad taste.

Here’s what we think: Real estate is brimming with colorful characters who, as private contractors, do some exceptionally creative things to grab eyeballs and reel in buyers. Sometimes they’re benign; sometimes they’re offensive.

Either way, they are part of the fabric of the industry. As a result, we think it’s worth spotlighting them.

Take a look at some of this week’s other #madREskillz — like Inman News contributor Gahlord Dewald “wearing mic’d up leather pants” and labeled dog bones — by scrolling down. And also be sure to vote for next week’s winner.

The finalists: dog bones glued with business cards (use flour and water paste) and branded cocktail napkins and coasters (dispensed to local bars and restaurants).

And if any #madREskillz occur to you while perusing the entries below, tell us about them in the comments section — or tweet ’em next Thursday.


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