Are branded apps worth the investment?

#madREskillz: Edina Realty boasts 'sub-branded' apps that cultivate communication between agents and clients

This post explores a marketing tactic submitted by Edina Realty Home Services, the most recent winner of #madREskillz, a weekly Inman News Twitter conversation. Every Thursday, Inman News invites real estate professionals and companies to tweet offbeat marketing tricks using the tag #madREskillz. After reviewing the submissions (and “RTing” many in the process), we select two finalists and put them to a vote on Facebook. Then we feature the winner in a story. “Mobile, mobile, mobile" is something of an industry refrain today. And though you may be tired of hearing it, it’s unlikely to fade anytime soon: The number of buyers who lean on smart devices to hunt down homes continues to increase rapidly. Seeking to capitalize on the trend, some brokers are developing applications that not only make it easier for consumers to visit and search homes on the fly but also present a way for agents to cultivate relationships with clients and scoop up leads. Edina Realty Home...