Company Smart car does ‘wonder’ for broker’s brand

#madREskillz: Engel and Volkers Plymouth agents drive 'sign on wheels' to appointments

This post explores a marketing tactic submitted by Engel and Volkers, the most recent winner of #madREskillz, a weekly Inman News Twitter competition. Every Thursday, Inman News invites real estate professionals and companies to tweet offbeat marketing tricks using the tag #madREskillz. After reviewing the submissions (and “RTing” many in the process), we select two finalists and put them to a vote on Facebook. Then we feature the winner in a story. What if you could broadcast your brand, exude a commitment to sustainability and secure a means of transportation all for little more than $100 a month? Would you do it? Recent #madREskillz winner Engel & Volkers Plymouth has. Taking a page out of the book of some of its European offices, the Massachusetts-based broker has fashioned a branded Smart car that the company's agents drive to showings and other appointments. The vehicle is a “sign on wheels” that has raised awareness of Engel & Volkers, bringing what ...