Mustaches, home swapping, scratch-and-sniff pads, and more #madREskillz

Estately: Organize hide-and-seek game at showing

Screen shot of a listing video advertising a luxury home submitted to #madREskillzScreen shot of a listing video advertising a luxury home submitted to #madREskillz

Editor’s note: Below is a recap of this week’s #madREskillz, a weekly Twitter contest where real estate professionals and companies tweet offbeat marketing tactics using the hashtag #madREskillz. After reviewing entries and retweeting many in the process, we put two finalists to a vote on Facebook and then write a profile on the winner. 

Ever pulled off a home swap?

Matt Rose negotiated one, and NBC Connecticut covered it. The news outlet cast it as a growing trend. That may or may not be a stretch, but props to Rose for demonstrating some serious enterprise.

#madREskillz stalwart J. Philip Faranda suggests creating Facebook fan pages for listings. With characteristic Faranda flair, he said that they “index bodaciously.”

More highlights: Reports of an agent who grew a mustache for a worthy cause and another who created REO-themed scratch-and-sniff pads — which apparently engage adults.

Oh, and don’t forget the court jester of #madREskillz: Ryan Estately.

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“Place cardboard cutout of Wolf Blitzer in front yard. Organize hide-and-seek game at showing,” Estately tweeted.

Scroll through the clickable tweets below to see other #madREskillz entries. And don’t forget to vote for the winner on our Facebook page!

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