Make your blog headlines sing, but not at the expense of SEO

#madREskillz: Compelling copy and captivating images will keep readers coming back

If you’re looking to add a bit more luster to your blog, have a look at the entries of the latest #madREskillz entries: They were chock-full of ways to jazz things up.

Sellstate Regency Realty said that while 80 percent of people read headlines, only 20 percent actually click on them. The takeaway: Make your headlines sing.

But you may not want to allow wit to trump SEO. Rob Wachter recommends creating landing pages that are location-based. (Headlines saturated with targeted locations would improve such pages’ SEO.)

Regardless of the copy you post on it, your blog should always feature captivating images. That’s why an agent with a blog should always be an adept photographer, Boston Real Estate tweeted.

Still, serving up compelling copy is essential.

Pederson Properties offered an example of engaging content by tweeting a how-to post for enhancing curb appeal. Zach Seybold’s post on home renovations and Ryan Lundquist’s video post on a hoarder house are two other tacks to take.

And if you want to bring content to the digitally savvy, consider taking Smith & Associates’ approach. They’re planning to launch an iPad magazine soon.

We let our 1950 Packard to the talking. It's our daily driver around town, and people flock to it.

“This will be a great way to connect to the community,” Katherine Dobbins tweeted.

Had your fill of blog tips? Then we’ll leave you with a marketing idea for the real world.

Parade around town in a 1950 Packard, like The Real Team. “It’s our daily driver around town and people flock to it,” The Real Team tweeted.

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