Toddlers’ heart-melting rhymes celebrate the pleasures of home

Twins take $25K top prize in Coldwell Banker YouTube contest

Puppies, kittens, you’ve met your match.

If you appreciate videos that induce giggles and fuzzy feelings, you are probably not going to uncover a better heart-melting YouTube gem than the winning submission of a video contest recently hosted by Coldwell Banker.

“This is Home” features two tots busting rhymes about the pleasures of their home. The video won Coldwell Banker’s “Real Estate Life, Camera, Action YouTube Contest,” bagging the family $25,000, cash that they intend to use to bling out their backyard — fittingly, for the toddlers’ enjoyment.

Dropping lines to some catchy beats, the two kids’ reveal their favorite household activities during a colorful home tour, punctuating their rhymes with the chorus “Life, life, life, camera, action: This is home!”

“We play make-believe and hide-and-seek and chase our cat named Gracie Pipsqueak!” chant the brother-and-sister duo in one scene in the home’s living room.

Adds the boy during a solo: “I’ve got a robot room where I take naps … I like dinosaurs and drinking green smoothies/I shoot basketballs, then I watch the movies.”

The video saves its biggest dose of heart-warming joy for the video’s end.

“Our home means laughter, our home means love, our home means family, a place we’re proud of!” the kids sing. “… Our home is a place where all our dreams start!”

Make yourself happy:

You’re also going to have to watch a follow-up video showing the kids’ reaction to winning the contest because it’s possibly more adorable than their music video: