Rental apps for consumers? Rental apps for real agents and landlords? Zumper’s got ‘em

Insights from co-founder and CEO Anthemos Georgiades

Anthemos GeorgiadesAnthemos Georgiades

Anthemos Georgiades is the co-founder and CEO of Zumper, a rental listing portal that obtains listings through direct relationships with landlords, brokers and property managers.

The company, which is backed by Greylock Partners, in April launched a free iPhone app, Zumper Pro, that allows an agent or landlord to create a listing from a unit and a digital flier for Craigslist. Zumper followed up in August with a consumer mobile app that allows iPhone users to search Zumper’s database and monitor the site’s rentals at the neighborhood level.

Zumper is one of 13 companies in the inaugural class of the Inman Incubator program, a yearlong mentorship, advisory and promotional program to help new companies in the real estate industry succeed.

Anthemos Georgiades on Zumper. (2:15).

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