Updated DocuSign for Google Drive applies matching template

DocuSign Chrome Browser app takes users directly to the DocuSign console

E-signature provider DocuSign has made a new version of its software for Google Drive available that applies a matching template when users send a document from Drive.

The update is a more robust integration between Google Drive and DocuSign than the first iteration of DocuSign’s assimilation with the tech giant’s cloud storage platform in April, said DocuSign’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Tom Gonser.

Now, Gonser said, users can send a Google Drive document from the cloud platform straight into DocuSign’s work flow with all the appropriate signature and initial fields already in place if the system is set up to recognize the template.

Previously, users would be directed to DocuSign’s home screen from Google Drive and would have to populate all signature fields. “Now it drops you right into the workflow,” Gonser said.

DocuSign’s Ryan Hutnick blogs that the update to DocuSign for Google Drive provides an improved framework, performance and stability “for the increasing number of DocuSign’ing Googlers out there.”

With the update, the DocuSign Chrome Browser app takes users directly to the DocuSign console.

Google Apps users can install DocuSign for Google Apps to get multiple signatures on their documents with a single click, or use the navigation bar to access the console.

DocuSign also currently integrates with the following cloud platforms: Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce and SkyDrive.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated.