Propertybase's Salesforce-based CRM gets Gmail integration

Add-on tool from Cirrus Insight allows users to manage contacts from within their email platform

Propertybase, a Salesforce-based customer relationship management platform for real estate brokers and developers, now allows users to manage their contacts from within their Gmail accounts using an add-on tool from Cirrus Insight.

The new tool allows Propertybase users to create a lead, see contact details, schedule follow-ups, launch email templates, and see all the listings associated with a lead and related notes without leaving their Google email system.

The software, once integrated into Gmail, acts as a conduit to Propertybase with a collapsible control panel that shows up on the right of the screen in the email platform. Users can perform many of the tasks they would in Propertybase’s full platform like search their contacts, see details about past interactions and make contact notes.

Cirrus Insight began developing the Gmail-integrated software because agents spend so much time in their inbox, said Brandon Bruce, a co-founder of Cirrus Insight.

“It brings Propertybase to where the users are,” Bruce said.

While Bruce noted that Munich, Germany-based Propertybase was a partner in the offering, the Propertybase integration with the Cirrus Insight tool starts at $15 per month. That’s in addition to a Propertybase plan, which starts at $69 per month.

Propertybase, which maintains offices in Berkeley, Calif. and Salt Lake City and doesn’t reveal how many customers it has, says it has clients in 35 countries.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to note that Propertybase, headquartered in Munich, Germany, maintains offices in Berkeley, Calif. and Salt Lake City.