Preferred vendor deals help agents boost referrals

Nest4Less' Andrew Kelley says free platform offers social media marketing opportunity

Nest4Less’ Andrew Kelley interviewed at Real Estate Connect New York City.

NEW YORK — Some real estate agents struggle to come up with compelling content to attract potential clients on social media sites. Real estate startup Nest4Less has one solution: Offer up discounts on popular home services, be they plumbers, loan officers, or day care centers — without shelling out a penny yourself.

Agents who sign up with the Attleboro, Mass.-based company invite their preferred vendors to the Nest4Less platform, and from then on, the company works with the vendor to come up with their own special offer. The company also has its own network of 30-plus national and regional vendors per market. The service is free for agents and paid for entirely by vendors.

Deals can be displayed on an agent’s website as a place for clients to return to during or after a transaction. Agents can also share deals on their Facebook page, and no matter how many times a deal link is shared it always connects back to the agent. If someone clicks on the link, they’re asked for their email, which is then sent to the agent as a lead. That email also signs up that person for the agent’s monthly, branded newsletter, which features one deal per month.

“In addition to providing value to your clients, you get the added bonus of increasing your referral base and also keeping your contact information and brand in front of your clients month in and month out,” said Andrew Kelley, Nest4Less’ chief technology officer, at Real Estate Connect New York City.

Currently, thousands of agents use Nest4Less in 352 markets in the U.S. and Canada, the company said.