Trulia licenses direct listing feed from NY State MLS

Feed from more than 10,000 members serving all 62 New York counties will be provided on an opt-out basis

More than 10,000 members of the New York Statewide Multiple Listing Service who serve all 62 counties in the state will have the ability to send listings directly to Trulia under a licensing agreement enrolling the MLS in Trulia's "Data Connect" program. Trulia will be receiving all of NY State MLS's listings by default with its members having the option to "opt-out" of sending their listings to the portal. The direct feed ensures that the most accurate, timely listing data is displayed on Trulia, the companies said. Zillow signed a similar deal with the MLS in March. "Establishing a direct data license with Trulia enables us to give more control to our broker members to manage their syndication strategy successfully, while ensuring high levels of data protection,” said Dawn Pfaff, president of NY State MLS, in a statement. “Ultimately, we want to provide members with smart syndication options, so they can grow their businesses.” Last week Trulia announced that the larg...