Vacation rental apps battle for supremacy with city guides, property management enhancements

New visitor guides and software enhancements from HomeAway and Airbnb add fuel to the home-sharing fire

Airbnb and HomeAway are in a tight race to the top of the vacation rental industry, and they seem to be neck and neck. Both rental sites made recent announcements of shifts in their offerings, cutting slightly into the others' territory and showing that tense competition in home sharing is as evident as ever. As tighter government restrictions cause headaches for Airbnb, the company released a statement that it is currently developing software to break into the professional vacation rental sector to complement its peer-to-peer sharing philosophy that has catapulted the 6-year-old website into superstardom. The software is expected to make it easier for property managers to feature their spaces on the website. And while it is still in the developmental stages, HomeAway has launched its fully integrated HomeAway City Guides powered by Gogobot; the guides will feature everything from top attractions to app integrations with Uber and Instacart. HomeAway is officially expandi...