Sun Solar gives agents new data to find clients better deals

Firm rates homes' solar energy-generating potential

Are you set up for success in 2016? Join 2,500 real estate industry leaders Aug. 4-7, 2015, at Inman Connect in San Francisco. Get Connected with the people and ideas that will inspire you and take your business to new heights. Register today and save $100 with code Readers.In addition to promoting a home's standout features such as a big backyard or sunset-facing porch, real estate agents may soon be touting a home's solar energy-generating potential.That’s if Sun Number has any say in the matter. By measuring a home's orientation, roof slope, tree cover and other factors, the Deephaven, Minnesota-based startup assesses how well homes are set up to turn sunshine into energy.Sun Number scores fall between 1 and 100, with 100 representing a home that is best situated for solar energy panels.Ratings above 50 indicate that a solar energy system is a good investment, according to Sun Number's founder, Ryan Miller. The tool also displays how a home's solar energy outl...