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BoomTown’s top-of-market sales and marketing platform offers smarts, scalability and Success Assurance: Tech Review

BoomTown’s included Success Assurance program combines people with technology to analyze leads, manage databases and ensure agents are reacting to the market as quickly as possible
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BoomTown’s included Success Assurance program combines people with technology to analyze leads, manage databases and ensure agents are reacting to the market as quickly as possible.

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BoomTown is an enterprise marketing platform with CRM and brokerage administration functionality for real estate companies and teams.

Top selling points

  • Comprehensive Success Assurance program
  • Marketing Central digital ad engine
  • Concierge-driven manual lead qualification
  • Built-in website creation and management
  • Back-end accounting and transaction management

Things to consider

BoomTown can compete directly with larger, enterprise-type solutions provided by brokerages, especially those of notable national brands. Agents new to BoomTown should consider the pros and cons, but those committed to BoomTown have no reason to be swayed by the competition, as it scales well. 

This article was last updated on April 19, 2022.

BoomTown is a comprehensive real estate business software solution, tackling marketing, CRM, branding, database management, broker accounting and generally speaking, most facets of operating a real estate business. It’s an industry stalwart, often referred to in Facebook groups, by coaches and omnipresent at real estate conferences. It offers mobile convenience, lead qualification and a host of other related real estate functionality, including financial back-office oversight, putting it on the level with only a few independent competitors, such as kvCORE, Chime, and smaller but standout players like Cloze and Naberly

To more accurately summarize, BoomTown is a top-to-bottom sales and marketing automation solution. Its functionality spectrum makes it a more holistic solution when used on a desktop browser, but its mobile lead oversight and communication app, Now, for Android and iOS, offer an authentic app experience. 

Now is all about the present. Who is contacting you, why, and what do they need to hear from you. This is a terrific way to consolidate customer relationship management and parse the software’s functionality. 

The best way to fully embrace BoomTown is to leverage its IDX website tools, or at least ensure your current site is connected via its lead source routing. Websites can push all kinds of local market data, community information and school rankings, and all function nicely when viewed on mobile devices. 

Agents are able to add more custom content or use what’s supplied by BoomTown’s marketing team, and brokers can allow for agent and team sub-domains. Those subdomains can then be promoted via Marketing Central, the hub for all things digital advertising. 

Google AdWords campaigns, as well as social platform campaigns, drive leads to company websites, and users can spend from $100/month to $10,000. Whatever fits. BoomTown leverages a proprietary keyword-bidding algorithm that helps land clients’ brands in the right position based on user search.

Keep in mind, paid search is named such for a reason. The more spent, the more traffic. Still, search results are market-dependent. Not every MSA demands a big budget to win in search engine marketing, especially considering the level of sophistication BoomTown applies to its campaigns.

Every search result has linked to it modern, engaging landing pages. They present vivid listing views, searchable by map and users can also draw a search zone to find potential homes.

Each landing page employs strategically repetitive, but not intrusive, call-to-action boxes to capture user credentials.

User data is funneled into a powerful back end that tracks contacts based on an array of color-coded categories, such as New, Qualified, Hot, Pending, Watch, Nurture, Close, Archive or Trash.

BoomTown’s craftsmanship with contact data is Bob Villa-esque. The software combines lead source, page views, flier prints, number of visits, shares and more to generate very accurate, number-based quality rankings.

The company walks users through an assimilation process to ensure software adoption, the most common root of software onboarding problems. This is a smart move by the company, and a nice insurance policy for brokers. In fact, BoomTown dedicates a great deal of staff to helping its customers. 

The Concierge program helps new agents get their database online and keep it healthy, and also helps provide lead quality analysis, feeding the best results into a nifty module on the dashboard, highlighting who should be contacted. The Concierge team can chat with your new business sources until it’s time to hand them over to you, or put them on ice for a bit.

Leads are also easily segmented in BoomTown using “Smart Segments.” Drip campaigns can then be executed accordingly, and the lists can be hyper-precise.

Segmenting is a practice every agent should work to be good at, regardless of software used. Heck, even if you scrawl names on Post-It Notes, at least find a way to categorize them before they shed from your bulletin board like an Autumn maple.

The Success Assurance program, of which the Concierge program is a part, is available to customers at all levels after being a paid-for add-on for years. It’s one of BoomTown’s standout features, leveraging the software’s algorithms to surface lead activity to staff for further follow-up and response strategy. 

“Their outreach is triggered by specific behaviors, actions taken on insight, that most likely correlate to conversion, because they are reaching a homebuyer or seller at the right time, with the right message. This type of meaningful outreach yields a connection rate of almost 50%,” the company said in a press release on the new expanded role of Success Assurance.

BoomTown rightly compares its people-tech partnership to chat-based lead engagement systems, which have become quite common. Some auto-responders are indeed better than others, but as we all know, human intervention tends to win the day. I should add that this is the route a lot of stand-alone lead qualification tools are taking, it’s just that BoomTown has been at it a bit longer. 

Agents run through opportunities using a Live Feed based on up-to-the-minute activity. Did a contact take a look at a condo you have listed? You’ll know right away, and BoomTown skillfully guides you to take action via call, text or email.

BoomTown’s in-app connection to your MLS’ hot pages is also a clever way to keep frustrated buyers active. Your entire market is fed to your dashboard and when a reduced listing falls into a contact’s price range, BoomTown lets you know, and walks you through the follow-up process.

Agent Accountability tools help brokers peer into every user’s activity to determine who is most involved with the software and remaining most active. This insightful feature is management-oriented, helping ensure brokerages are receiving the return on investment they expect from their software investment.

In the last couple of years, BoomTown has acquired a couple of companies to enhance current and create new ways to appeal to potential users. The BrokerMint purchase introduced detailed financial tools for brokers and office admins. I gave BrokerMint a high-rating upon an initial review in 2017. The two firms had collaborated for years, so the union shouldn’t have surprised customers. In 2018, BoomTown bought Real Contact to augment its lead qualification efforts, a move that has clearly benefited its expansion of Success Assurance. 

The Inman Handbook for Getting Started with BoomTown digs into the nuances of the software, offering a nice companion analysis to this review. 

There’s a ton more to consider with BoomTown, as there is with its competitors. But it’s unlikely doing so would dissuade anyone from short-listing such a business-minded, sales-oriented software offering.  

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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