5 ways to help your clients compete with cash buyers

These tips will help your buyers' offers seem more attractive to sellers
  • The cash market has been falling since January 2013. However, with cash buyers making up a little more than 30 percent of the market, your clients are going to need every competitive edge they can find.
  • The FICO score is calculated by analyzing all open accounts on a person's credit report. One of the first things you need to be aware of is making sure clients are well below their credit limits and consistently make larger than the minimum monthly payment.
  • With the seller, and possibly the listing agent, a larger earnest money deposit can go a long way toward greasing the wheels.

Even though the cash real estate market is slowing, it’s still important for you to help your buyers who need to compete with cash buyers. In February, CoreLogic data showed 37.9 percent of closed deals were to cash buyers, which is down from 40.6 percent the previous February.