• The United Nations has had an Outer Space Treaty since 1967.
  • However, one guy found a loophole in the treaty, and he sells one-acre moon lots -- plus a lunar tax, of course.
  • No matter what holds up when we actually colonize the moon (fingers crossed), agents will definitely be needed to figure it all out.

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Being a die-hard science fiction fan, I struggle every day to pry my mind away from thoughts of outer space, interstellar travel and futuristic worlds, to focus on my real estate work. The subject matter really consumes me. I started wondering the other day, who really owns the moon -- and outer space, for that matter? Having been in the real estate business in excess of 20 years, I could not help but try and mingle, my passions, real estate and science fiction together and see what comes out on the other end. Take this short journey with me As I began to ponder real estate and the moon, I came to find that the international community has actually pondered this for many years as well. In fact, the United Nations, in 1967, sponsored the Outer Space Treaty. This established all ...