• Mobile app's sharing tool lets agents distribute off-MLS listings across various marketing channels all from one place.
  • Agents should be aware that MLSs may restrict the sharing of listings off the MLS.
  • Sharing tool may help HipPocket grow its off-MLS listing database.
  • HipPocket offers private version of platform to brokerages.

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The problem: You want to tell the world about a new listing before plopping it in the MLS. So, you painstakingly spread the word through a hodgepodge of communication channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, email and text. The solution: A tool that automates the entire process for you -- getting the listing out to agents and consumers, instantly. Share properties across popular channels Texas-based HipPocket, a free mobile app, has augmented its off-MLS listing database with a tool that can streamline the entire process of marketing listings off-MLS. After entering a listing into HipPocket's database, agents can use the app to seamlessly share the property across popular marketing channels, rather than draw up separate posts or messages for each one. The tool marks one of the latest ...