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Baltimore start ups and tech industry are growing, thriving

Baltimore has many of the ingredients key to startup success
  • Baltimore has many key ingredients to startup success.
  • The city is close enough to other major metros to be considered local.
  • Transportation, talent and capital are all available in Baltimore.

Peeling back the layers of successful startup ecosystems finds many of the same characteristics feeding a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.There needs to be an infrastructure that provides easy mobility and access to like-minded communities. Talent is key. And, access to capital is a requirement.Given all of those mandatory ingredients, Baltimore may just be the next “it” girl of the startup community scene.A recent column in Inc. makes the case that the city has that potent mix to grow and nurture a community of small businesses.zimmytws / Shutterstock.comBaltimore is in a great spot on the East Coast. Hop on a train, and in less than three hours, Washington, New York City, and Philadelphia are within reach. Make it four hours and Boston can be a destination. Airports in the region serve a wide variety of national and international destinations.Baltimore, though, doesn’t suffer from the high cost rents and housing prices that those other four cities ...