• App is utilized most by multifamily owner/operators.
  • Business intelligence module allows for aggregation of numerous inspection reports.
  • App is utilized by some of the largest multifamily owners, single-family rental companies and real estate brokerages.

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Last month San Francisco-based tech company HappyCo launched a business intelligence (BI) module upgrade to its Happy Inspector app. The app pulls various property inspection data together, which assists multifamily owner/operators, single-family rental companies and property managers better forecast capital expenditures and identify property trends. According to HappyCo's CEO Jindou Lee, the addition of a BI module allows inspection info to be aggregated so that questions like 'in last 60 days how many units have reported having countertop issues,' can be answered. In addition to the BI upgrade, HappyCo expects to announce an integration with Buildium, a Boston-based property management software company, this year. The Happy Inspector app allows inspection data to be di...