• Put vendors on the spot, supplement vendor-providing training with your own and get a successful agent to explain how tech tools have helped them, experts say.

Hacker Connect January 16 in New York
An event for and by the real estate tech community

Many real estate agents and brokers are constantly inundated by calls from tech vendors hawking the next big thing. How do brokers choose which products to buy, and once they've settled on them, how do they get their agents to actually use those products? Here are six tips from an Inman Connect panel on best practices for choosing and using technology from third-party vendors. 1. 'Put them on the spot' When evaluating vendors, share every last concern you have with their technology and make sure they provide satisfactory responses, panelists said. "Sometimes we get the vendors we deserve," said John De Souza, president of South Bend-Indiana based brokerage Cressy & Everett Real Estate, hinting towards some brokers' tendency to choose vendors without doing their d...