• Ask for a 5-star rating when you ask for reviews.
  • Create a contest to help motivate former clients to review you.
  • To get the reviews, make sure you make it as easy as possible for clients.

Check out our ICNY live stream! Find morning sessions here ... and afternoon sessions here. How important are agent ratings? With the Internet serving as the life hack for just about everyone, ratings are crucial to your business. It's not only prospective clients who are Googling you, but also future employers who look four months out as well as current and past clients and your competition. Samantha DeBianchi moderated this topic in the panel What's Next For Agent Ratings And Rankings? How To Make Them Work For You. Panelists Jill Biggs of Jill Biggs Group at Coldwell Banker and Coral Gundlach Century 21 agent weighed in on the topic. Reviews aren't always a bad thing though -- even the negative ones. They let agents know what aspects of their business need to be improved an...