Want to offer showings on demand? Here’s how

Tips from experts
Published on Jan 27, 2016
  • Only route requests to agents who are free; sign up for showing on demand apps; integrate turnkey scheduling tools into websites and outsource showings to colleagues when you're tied up.

Glenn Kelman, the CEO of high-tech brokerage Redfin, has a tip for brokerages and agents who want to entice consumers into requesting showings from listing pages: don't feature the photo of an agent.Prominently displaying a faceless scheduling tool will generate many more leads, he said.Why? Because when given a choice between forming a relationship with an agent and "just seeing the dang house," consumer tend to choose the latter, Kelman said.Homebuyers surfing listing sites online "don't want to get married," he said. "They just want to see the property."Glenn KelmanThat was one best practice for providing "showings on demand" that emerged from a recent Inman Connect panel.Also key to delivering showings on demand is having a routing system in place that ensures showing requests are only sent to agents who are actually available to show properties.Redfin uses Google Calendar to pull this off. Only agents who indicate on the app that they ar...