• A Finder.com analysis of 78 metros looked for where housing is affordable in relation to income.
  • Houston came in at 51, and had an average income slightly above the national average.
  • Most of the cities the analysis were not affordable with the average U.S. income.

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Buying a home isn't such a struggle for the average Houston resident. In a Finder.com review of housing and income data from a variety of sources, Houston comes out as a city with a good balance of an attainable income level to housing prices. Most of the top 10 entries on the list required low six-figure salaries to afford the average home. The top-ranked city, San Francisco, was found to require a salary of $180,600 to buy an average home. That’s because an “average” home in the Bay Area costs $1,119,500. Houston comes in at a much more approachable set of figures. The Bay Area is loaded with unicorn companies worth billions, which pay salaries the techies who work there are accustomed to. Houston, on the other hand, has a well-diversified economy. There are surely ...