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San Francisco homebuyers need to make at least $153,000 annually

Buyers that put down 10 percent must earn $32,000 more than those able to deposit 20 percent
  • A 20 percent deposit on an average-priced SF home is nearly $225,000.
  • Despite high home prices, buying is still perceive as a cheaper option than renting in San Francisco.
  • Rents are predicted to outpace home price appreciation this year.

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Whether you're using median or average home price data, the salary required to purchase a San Francisco residence is between $153,000 and nearly $181,000. This salary range assumes you're able to put down 20 percent deposit. Drop this deposit to 10 percent and you can bump the salary requirements up by $32,000. According to, $180,600 represents the annual salary required to purchase the average-priced home in San Francisco, which stands at $1.119 million. This salary represents the highest requirement of the 78 metros analyzed and assumes a buyer is putting 20 percent down, which would equate to $223,900. A 10 percent deposit would come out to $111,950. The city's high salary requirement is attributed to its sky-high home values. "The salary required to get a mortgage for the average home is higher than the salary required to cover mortgage payments, average debt and average expenditure," stated. San Francisco homebuyers can't skimp on a downpa...