How new agents can get into the flow of their customers’ lives

Alyssa Hellman gives a list of dos and don'ts
  • Take steps to get into the flow of your clients' lives.
  • Don't go over the top buying tech when starting out - just use what your broker provides initially.
  • Be yourself, don't change to fit in with the norm.

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Returning from walking her dog one day, new real estate agent Alyssa Hellman met another dog owner, a woman who lived in a nice penthouse apartment with her husband. As they chatted, the woman made a vague reference to selling at some stage. This was enough for Hellman to change her dog-walking schedule for the next two years. "I aligned my dog-walking schedule to hers -- I took my dog out at 6 and 11 -- because that's when they walked their dog, Maggie. I became part of the flow of their life," said Hellman. She was a new agent at the age of 24 trying to make it in Washington, D.C., and she worked tirelessly at networking with other agents and potential clients. And her dog-walking persistence paid off. "When it was time to list their home, it was second nature to ask me," she said. Get into the flow "People's lives have a flow -- you need to find a way to get into the flow of their life," said Hellman, speaking at Inman Connect New York last week in the special session...