• Building an authoritative website takes lots of resources. Don't spread yours thin on multiple domains.
  • Consumers visit and act on websites that they trust. Your website must invoke trust and attempt to build a relationship.
  • Powerful brands are reaping more and more SEO benefit; don't neglect branding for SEO -- they are becoming one in the same.

Hacker Connect January 16 in New York
An event for and by the real estate tech community

As an SEO adviser to the real estate industry, I am asked or come across questions about niche sites all too often. The main questions being, "Should I start a niche site?" or "What niche should I target?" The allure to this marketing tactic is real. The logic sounds good, the tactic seems clever and everyone tells you to focus on a niche. So why wouldn't you have a niche site -- or 12? Well, here is my advice on starting a niche site in almost every situation: Don’t do it. Before we dive into this, let me be very clear about something. I am a huge believer in niching for success, especially if you are new to real estate. I am not telling you to be unfocused or to not target a niche. What I am telling you is that you should have a single, branded website for all of you...