• The reality is that little changes for the consumer in our attempts to improve the consumer experience.
  • If you don't clearly understand the party you intend to impact, it's tough to improve anything.
  • Improving customer experience is a wide-open field because there are a million ways to work in this business.

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Months ago I wrote for Inman about something I named the "CX," the consumer experience. I'm not talking about the user interface (UI) or the user experience (UX), but this elusive thing called the CX.It seems like forever that we as an industry have talked about what has become the improved CX in residential real estate.The consumer experience is the next big thing -- it has always been the big thing -- but the reality is that little changes for the consumer in improving the consumer experience.What happened to CX? Why is this? If the improved CX is the next big thing, why has it been neglected for so long?I think the industry is stuck in a big quandary. This quandary involves confusion about who is in the center of the transaction and who serves whom in the brokerage bu...