What this 21-year-old real estate agent has learned

Publisher Brad Inman chats with Jay Luebke
  • "Mentorship is, 100 percent, one of the most important things that you can have as a young agent."
  • "Anybody can go through a course through their brokerage and get the basics down, but there's something to be said for really getting down in the trenches and learning by experience."
  • "The days of a big corporate company are becoming less and less appealing to a lot of my peers."
  • "The better client experience that you can provide, the more business you'll get."

Jay Luebke is the marketing director at The ART of Real Estate and became a licensed real estate agent at the age of 18.Jay LuebkeBrad Inman Hi, this is Brad Inman with Unlisted. I'm so excited to have with me today, believe it or not, a 21-year-old real estate agent from South Carolina, Jay Luebke. Welcome, Jay!Jay Luebke: Thanks so much for having me, Brad.Jay, by the way, your voice sounds like you're a lot older, but you're a young guy. You got into real estate at the ripe age of 18, when you got your license. And you started as an intern in North Carolina, worked for a big broker. Now you work for a smaller broker in South Carolina. Do I have the bio right?Yes, that's correct.We want to probe how young people think about real estate differently. You told me that your mom, who's a lawyer, and your dad, who's a business consultant, used to watch HGTV and watched Million Dollar Listing together? Do I have it right? And what about that inspired you to get in...