• SEO still matters so consumers can find your pages.
  • Remember your mobile consumers when it comes to page layout and interface.
  • Solve problems and soothe pain points, which will help lay the groundwork for a habit.

Hacker Connect January 16 in New York
An event for and by the real estate tech community

I'm in the process of closing on a house, and when people want to see what it looks like, and I pull up the listing on my phone's browser to show it off or text it -- or email or Facebook it from my laptop or desktop -- I always use the same listing landing page. It's become a habit. How it started I started using ColdwellBankerHomes.com website semi-regularly to ogle homes when we put our first bid on a house (one we ended up not buying -- the seller went with another offer). I found it because it was the third hit on Google for that home's address, after Trulia.com and Homes.com. And I saw something on the site that kept me coming back: a mortgage calculator. I'm not sure how many brokerages have tools like this one -- I have seen them on real estate portals, but not with fi...