8 warning signs that your property website stinks

Avoid these mistakes and get the most out of your site
  • All images should be high-quality and interesting.
  • Check to make sure the font is readable -- and don't forget to assess it on a mobile device as well.
  • Your website should be responsive, fast and aesthetically pleasing on all browsers.

Whether you've just published an online listing or invested in a property website, make sure you're doing everything you can to get the most impact for your efforts. Having an effective property website can lead to more engaged visitors, which can lead to more prospects who can translate into more sales. It's true: the quality of your property's online presence can affect your entire sales funnel. So before you go live, make sure your property website doesn't stink. Here are eight problems worth fixing: 1. Low-quality images Perhaps the single most important component of a property website is the quality of the photos. Nothing sends potential clients away faster than ugly images. In 2016, there is absolutely no excuse not to have attractive photos for your property. Make sure you invest in high-quality, professional HD photos for both exteriors and interiors. First impressions count, and they can have a massive impact on your ability to engage and generate warm prospects...