5 pro tips to spark major open-house buzz

Sell homes and generate new business along the way
  • Use an open house to build business opportunities, not just sell the home.
  • Capture leads and generate buzz by having attendees check into a Facebook page.
  • Stage the home with the help of your sellers and local interior design students.
  • Don't just sell the home; sell yourself as an agent.

Are open houses a waste of time and resources? Or do they produce buyers for a home? Of course, the answer to these questions lies in the event itself. The success of an open house depends on the planning and execution, as well as your level of creativity.I talked to many different real estate agents who told me what they do to make their open houses stand out from the crowd and what they consider a profitable open house -- even if they don't get a buyer.Open houses: Are they worth it? Some real estate agents say that an open house is rarely worth it -- it's possible there won't be an interested buyer at the home and, if that's the case, it's a waste of time, right? Wrong.Open houses should be used as a lead generation tool. Sure, there are going to be people who will look into the home and possibly buy it, but in the end it's only one person. As a Realtor, you should be using the open house to your advantage -- to get clients.Most potential homeowners attend open ...