• For $150 per year, agents and brokers can buy a .homes website domain to make plain to online consumers what they offer.
  • The company says it will build trust with consumers and search engines by offering only home-related content on sites with .homes URLs.
  • The .homes domain could be more attractive to agents, brokers, associations and MLSs than the new .realtor domain, which has more restrictive registration rules.

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Missed out on your preferred site address under the .com domain? Real estate agents and brokers now have the opportunity to buy a new home on the Web under a domain that could instantly clue consumers in to what they do: .homes. Agents and brokerages will also have the opportunity to stake a claim on geographic names, like Houston.homes or NYC.homes, which could turn out to be very lucrative digital real estate. The new Web domain also represents an alternative for Realtor associations and MLSs locked out of the new .realtor and .MLS domains. 'Sunrise' period open now Dominion Enterprises, the parent company of Homes.com, is now offering URLs with the .homes domain exclusively to purveyors of residential real estate services. For now, real estate professionals or companies wit...