New York Tri-State suffers longest commute in U.S.

Business Insider data shows NYC residents average 39.4 minutes getting to work
  • While the majority of NYC commuters opt for train or bus travel, the second top choice is driving alone, and then walking.
  • Jersey City came in at number two for worst commute with 35.6 minutes, and Newark at number three with 33.9 minutes.
  • Outside of the greater NYC area, Chicago residents have it a little easier with 33.7 minutes to and from work each day.
  • Trulia’s examination of the American Community Survey shows renters in Long Island and other cities have shorter commutes, since they search for apartments closer to work.

Although most New Yorkers use public transport for their daily commute, they spend the most time getting to work as compared to rest of the country, according to Business Insider. At 39.4 minutes every day on average, residents of NYC spend almost 15 minutes more than the national average of 25 minutes.