• Move Inc. is set to roll out changes to three realtor.com products in the near future.
  • Move's chief product officer Tapan Bhat emphasizes testing products in different markets before rolling them out nationwide.
  • Bhat says the three groups in the real estate ecosystem -- agents, brokers, and consumers -- are not all being served well by other players.

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EMERYVILLE, California -- In the year since Tapan Bhat joined Move Inc. as its chief product officer, the realtor.com operator has taken a more test-heavy approach to rolling out new products. In July, realtor.com started testing multiple-agent lead forms with seven brokerages, turning its usual approach to lead forms -- displaying no agent at all -- upside down. After nine months of testing, those "choice inquiry" lead forms will be launching nationwide "soon," the company said. In the fall, realtor.com flipped the switch on its new MLS data-powered agent profiles in two markets and later rolled them out across the country with ratings and reviews from third-party sources. In the next few weeks, Move will add an "insights" panel to its realtor.com agent dashboard in all markets ...