• The CFPB is collecting information on potential homebuyers and has asked Zillow for help reaching consumers.
  • An email that began sending a couple of weeks ago asked consumers to participate in the federal survey.

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An email sent to consumers is offering them up to $25 to provide the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with information about potential homebuyers as part of a federal research study. And it's partnering with Zillow to help reach those consumers, reported Housingwire today. "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has asked Zillow for help in contacting prospective homebuyers to participate in a research study about home buying," reads the email. "The CFPB is particularly looking for people who are actively shopping or planning to shop for a home in the near future." The CFPB will pay consumers $5 for completing the initial survey, and subsequent "check-in" surveys will be offered at later dates. Those will pay $20 if the consumer completes all of them. ...