• A recent survey found that three out of four homebuyers don't plan on staying in their home long term.
  • That underlines the potential benefit for agents of maintaining ties with past clients.
  • Apps, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) and email marketing software are among tools that can help agents stay top of mind with past clients.

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Real estate agents could benefit a great deal by wooing past clients for repeat business as homebuying trends shift with the spread of technology and an "always-on" mentality, a new survey released by Chase suggests. Three out of four homebuyers don't plan to stay in their homes long term, "suggesting that today's consumer is always searching for the next big thing," Chase said in a statement. And the vast majority of these buyers are inclined to use agents for purchasing future homes, with nearly eight out of 10 homebuyers saying that real estate agents are "an essential part" of the homebuying process. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that agents often have a shot at nabbing business from past clients not so long after representing them in a previous transaction. "K...