• There are three stages of every negotiation.
  • Just learning these gambits or tactics will make you a better negotiator.
  • The challenge with negotiating in residential real estate is that emotions run high.

Some might say negotiating is for prison wardens and hostage negotiators, but some of the most highly paid people in the world -- and the ones that are in the most command of their own time -- are superb negotiators with stellar negotiation strategies. Negotiating is a skill that's learned with practice. In recent years, the real estate industry has begun to recognize the power of being a good negotiator. There are educational courses specifically for agents to become better at this old skill. You must first realize that there are three stages of every negotiation: Learning your opponent's goals and making it clear what you want. Gathering information about the other party and their needs. Reaching for a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved. The challenge with...