BuildZoom: Has the expansion of American cities slowed down?

Don't believe the rumors — American cities are expanding
  • American cities are still expanding, just at different rates.
  • Most cities fall into two categories -- expensive and expansive cities. Expensive cities, such as San Francisco, build their economy on higher property values due to limited space. Expansion cities, such as Atlanta, build their economy on population growth due to building more homes.
  • The chief economist of BuildZoom says expensive cities could be made more affordable by promoting regional government, rather than hyperlocal government, whose regulations tend to dampen construction.

According to BuildZoom’s chief economist, Dr. Issi Romem, the expansion of cities as a whole hasn’t slowed down. In fact, many are expanding a similar rate seen in the 1950s. But most cities fall into two categories — expensive or expansive — and grow in different ways.