Developer seeks tax incentives for Transit Village in West Palm Beach

Developer of the Transit Village hopes to secure $80 million in public tax incentives to begin construction
  • The $80 million tax incentive has been given the go-ahead for city staffers to create a plan that works.
  • Developer Mike Masanoff says the building will improve housing value and the surrounding community.
  • The mixed-use, transit-friendly building will include office space, a hospitality tower and residential tower with retail space and on-site amenities.

After 20 years of planning, the massive mixed-use, transit-friendly project planned next to Tri-Rail’s downtown station in West Palm Beach is asking for an $80 million tax incentive plan. The project is slated to cost $400 million, and because the project is anticipated to benefit the surrounding community and housing values, the tax incentive would help give developers the green light.