Doss partners with Onboard Informatics for real estate bot

Siri can help with directions, but Doss will lead buyers to their new living destination
  • Doss teamed up with Onboard Informatics to deliver voice-activated searches exclusively for real estate.
  • Doss is a free service for consumers that asks for a 30 percent referral fee from agents.
  • Houston will be the first to experience the power of the virtual assistant. The technology will be available nationwide in January 2017, the company says.

Apple's Siri is a sweetheart and respectful. Amazon's Alexa can do math and more. But what happens when the only thing you want to do is explicitly search for a new home? This is where the new partnership between Houston-based Doss and New York-based Onboard Informatics comes into play. Doss and Onboard Informatics will soon offer a similar service. Ask DOSS will be able to answer even the most specific questions from consumers. Doss is a a voice-powered real estate assistant. Onboard Informatics is a data company offering information on topics like employment, education, population, housing, crime and transportation for local markets. What do you get when you put the two together? A virtual assistant for the everyman's and everywoman's real estate queries. "The comprehensive data we provide will help guide every Doss user in their journey toward buying a home," Onboard CEO Marc Siden said. "We have information on all 150 million properties in the country an...