• So far Compass has recruited at least 32 agents to its San Francisco office.
  • New additions include Malin Giddings and her team from Coldwell Banker and Neal Ward, the no. 1 agent from McGuire Real Estate.
  • Collectively, the team has already sold over $1 billion this year.

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Meet the Luxury Leaders | October 19-20 | Beverly Hills

There are legendary sports teams with multiple all-stars that will go down in history as "super teams." Just like the Golden State Warriors, The Compass San Francisco office hopes that it's building one of those right now.And just as Kevin Durant joined Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for a squad of A-list talent, top agents are making similarly impactful declarations as the high-tech brokerage Compass introduces itself the San Francisco landscape."We are thrilled to welcome some of the most experienced and collaborative agents in the San Francisco market, and are very proud of our growth," said Robert Reffkin, Compass' founder and CEO, via email. "The Compass difference lies in our technology, support, culture, and in-house marketing & advertising agency...