You’re fired! When is it OK to dump a real estate client?

Agents and brokers weigh in on a very tricky topic
  • Trust your body's "gut reaction" when you're stressed out by a client.
  • Don't keep a toxic client simply because of the fear of losing a commission.
  • There will be other buyers and sellers who are a good fit for you.

The phone rings, and when you glance at the screen, your stomach clenches.It's time to make that split-second decision whether to answer the call or send it to voicemail. You take a deep breath and put on your best "client voice," but your gut is in knots.You dread talking to this particular person, and you brace yourself for the discussion. Does a potential deal in the future justify your discomfort?Recently, I've been reading threads on social media that ask: "When is it OK to dump a client?"This topic comes up regularly in both online and offline discussions.I wrote earlier this year about "3 signs it's time to fire your real estate client," which covered issues of mutual respect and your value as a professional. The issue deserves deeper thought, so I sought out the opinions of other agents and brokers in some of these online groups. Body talk A strong physical reaction is your first clue that you and the client might not be best suited for each other, said ...