• Bots are pretending to be human. If the consumer experience improves, who needs to know?
  • The future may hold a team of bot support personalities packaged into a single software product.
  • Sidebar: CRMLS cutting checks to brokers for portal listings. Light the way.

Hacker Connect January 16 in New York
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Excitement about new technology in real estate is usually followed by long delays in practical application. Logistical, territorial and legal hurdles often stand in the way. Bots seem to be overcoming those barriers with ease. How do bots work in real estate? Bots in real estate create artificially enhanced relationship management. From conversation to conversion, nurture and management, software systems are being built to interact with end users as if there was a relationship with a human on the other end. Sometimes these systems tell the consumer interacting with them that they’re a bot. Sometimes they don’t. In some cases, they’re a little bit of HAL 9000, assisted by a little bit of Dave the human. The gray area creates an interesting question: how much “faking ...