Gridics: A property search tool for real estate agents and homebuyers

Want to pan for the waterfront co-ops owned by Venezuelans? No problem
  • Gridics is a powerful collaborative search tool for real estate agents and their clients.
  • The startup has launched in Miami through a partnership with the local multiple listing service (MLS) but has plans to expand to other markets.

Some real estate agents try to pull off a challenging feat after they connect with homebuyers: tugging them off listing portals onto agent-centric search tools.This way, they can reduce the chances that customers will fall in love with potentially outdated listings or wander into the arms of a competitor, said co-founder Felipe Azenha, formerly senior manager of industry relations at Zillow Group for the Southeast U.S.These professionals can use a number of collaborative search tools, which are often hosted by their MLS or brokerage's website.Gridics represents one of the most powerful options yet, serving up a dizzying array of search filters, property data and market reports.Want to pan for the waterfront co-ops owned by Venezuelans? This is your ticket.A Gridics search for Bay Front condos, co-ops, villas or townhouses owned by Venezuelans in a small section of Miami Beach."It's kind of a mixture of what the consumers are using today vers...