MLS cuts off data share after rejection of buyout offer

IRES proposes cooperation talks with MLSs statewide
  • Northern Colorado MLS IRES has declined a multimillion-dollar acquisition offer from its southern neighbor, REcolorado.
  • IRES said the offer did not serve its customers' interests and offered an alternative: discussions with MLSs throughout the state.
  • REcolorado said such conversations have already been taking place in the last 15 years and gone nowhere.
  • REcolorado informed IRES this week that it had decided to end a 14-year-old data share between the two MLSs, calling it "an impediment to our progress."

Looks like Colorado’s two largest MLSs won’t be joining forces anytime soon. Information and Real Estate Services (IRES), the Centennial State’s second-largest MLS, has rejected a multimillion-dollar buyout offer from the state’s largest MLS, REcolorado.