8 listing presentation tips for the first-time real estate agent

What to do before, during and after your first listing appointment
  • Many new businesses spend time identifying their value proposition. Real estate should be no different.
  • There is more skill to listing a property than putting a sign in the yard and taking a few pictures.
  • Practice objections often to gain more confidence and be a better listener.

Many new real estate agents are often thrown into the middle of the real estate ocean, left to sink or swim in a sea of competition.And many, therefore, do not have a plan or idea of where to begin when their first few listing appointments fall in their lap.Here are eight tips new agents can use to prepare for that listing appointment. When preparing for your appointment 1. New agents need to identify their unique value proposition.Even a brand new agent has a unique skill set that will benefit his or her budding real estate business.Many new businesses spend time identifying their value proposition. Real estate should be no different.New agents should spend time identifying what makes them better or different from their competition. Once agents have identified their value, they should figure out how to incorporate it into their business model.2. When possible, agents should quantify their value proposition.Agents need to quantify their efforts and value...