Realtor gracefully guides ill, elderly client back to family

A Dickens Mitchener Realtor/broker went over and beyond the call of duty
  • In working with some elderly clients, agents should stay understanding, be in prime problem-solving mode and have unlimited patience.
  • If clients are unhappy or being difficult, try to find out what is really bothering them.

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The elderly man’s worldly belongings, laid out neatly on a sofa in his almost-empty house, were a heart-rending sight for Charlotte, North Carolina, Realtor/broker Lynne Cosper-Lainis. She took in the quilt his mother had made for him, a slender wardrobe of clothing desperately in need of a wash. He was down to one pair of pants, one pair of shoes and an old-style 1960s briefcase, no doubt from his time as an IT professional. Lynne Cosper-Lainis You could argue that this cranky client, in the middle of a divorce with his estranged wife, had made Cosper-Lainis’s life extremely difficult for the past seven weeks. But they had developed a connection, and she was determined to help him get back home to his family. Cosper-Lainis, in the real estate business for 10 years, said she drew from her life experience to present the calm face she showed on this occasion. The 51-year-old says, “as you get older, you learn how to handle people.” This unusual transaction highlig...