Cheryl's Stories

Quiet quitting has been in the news of late, but quiet winning is the better move for entrepreneurs and business owners
Aug 30
In this new type of land ownership, real estate professionals will have to consider changing or adapting the way they sell or market real estate. Here, 3 pros share their insights and predict what's next
Mar 29
The best way to learn is vicariously through other people’s mistakes
Jun 9
Agents will never become obsolete — real estate is a person-to-person business, and it always will be
Oct 26
Get super specific about the client you serve, and build your business around it
Sep 21
Stop being the everything-to-everyone agent, and start being a real estate professional
Dec 5
Be truly mobile, and you will be around in 5 years
Nov 28
Ambition, drive and being innovative are consistent characteristics in successful real estate leaders
Aug 25