Craig's Stories

The intent is 'to make floor plans ubiquitous in the US, something that the market has needed for some time but has never had a clear path to reach,' the company stated
Aug 12
Bonzo deftly avoids CRM stereotypes, yet does exactly what a true CRM should. Its video, live chat, email and text campaigns focus on quick responses, relevant subject matter and traceable discussions
Aug 11
Homes built by the company are self-powered or grid-independent, meaning they run on batteries from on-base solar panels and long-term power storage, keeping occupants comfortable
Aug 10
Zillow is branding around the idea of 'Zillow Surfing,' the consumer habit of using the site's extensive listing content as a time-killer and a way to scroll through what else is out there
Aug 10
The business you have in the future starts with the bushiness you do today. Take the necessary time to learn how technology will better you as an agent
Aug 10
It's no wonder they edit most of the work in home improvement shows, no one would ever again hire a contractor.
Aug 10
Perhaps no form of real estate asset is garnering more attention at the moment than single-family rentals, and the reason isn't entirely good
Aug 10
Proptech investors discussed venture capital after a period of heavy interest from Wall Street in a Connect panel, 'Are companies still prioritizing tech and innovation or is it back to basics?'
Aug 8