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As the number inside of the red bubble at the bottom of your phone screen grows, a certain sense of anxiety tends to come with it. How bad is your inbox? Double digits? Triple? I know a few iPhones ago, I let my personal email get to several thousand (mostly junk) messages that I just could never seem to get rid of.

Nov 12

If you’re unhappy with your real estate website, it’s probably for one reason — it isn’t generating enough leads. The prettiest website in the world isn’t a good investment unless it’s capturing and delivering you leads. Here are five major reasons your real estate website isn’t generating enough leads and what you can do about it.

Jul 29

We all know that the things you leave to the end of the day are the least likely to get done. However, there are certain tools and strategies that can help you automate your social media, so you can manage your marketing in as little time as possible. Here’s how to do it.

Jun 17

Mobile-geddon. Mobile-pocalypse. The biggest update in years. Call it what you want: On April 21 Google will be releasing an update to its algorithm that could have a big impact on your search engine rankings if you and your website aren’t prepared.

Apr 6

You’re probably familiar with the term “inbound marketing.” And if you’re like many busy real estate professionals, you may have decided that it’s just not worth the time and investment to take on a new marketing strategy.

Mar 10

If you’ve been looking for a reason to use Twitter for your real estate business, you may have just found one. In a deal reported by “Bloomberg Business” last week, Google has gained access to Twitter’s “firehose stream” of data.

Feb 13

Google’s Chrome browser comes packed with thousands of extensions that can simplify your life. Similar to apps on your smartphone, these extensions range in functionality from social media to productivity and security.

Jan 15

There are hundreds of factors that Google considers when they send their bots off to crawl your website. Google bots analyze and interpret web pages inside and out based on a combination of factors, also known as an algorithm, to see how relevant and helpful content will be for particular searches.

Nov 21